Disse linkene er ikke direkte knyttet til Oslo T'ai Chi Ch'uan, de er her bare for å gi deg en anledning til å finne andre sider (ved tilværelsen). Mest på engelsk og ikke oppdatert på en stund, dessverre - det arbeides med saken.
These links are not directly connected to Oslo T'ai Chi Ch'uan, they are here simply to give you an opportunity to find something else. Mostly in English and not updated for some time.

Links that are not working are kept here until further notice because they are worthy links. If you know their new site address, please tell us! More links will be added from time to time.


T'ai chi ch'uan and other martial art links (in Norway and elsewhere)

Tung Kai Ying Academy of Tai Chi Chuan - the home page of Master Tung Kai Ying
Dong Family International Tai Chi Chuan Association - Master Tungs's brother and nephew
Svenska Tai Chi Chuan Institutet - Master Tung's Swedish classes connection
Chip Ellis, student of Tung Hu Ling - Lots of interesting stuff about the Tung family - updated often
More pictures of Tung family - Lots of pictures of various members of the Tung family
Knud Erik Andersens T'ai chi - lots of information and links, also in English.
Tai Chi Nyt  - good page, nice graphics, lots of info, both Danish, English and German text.
Tai Chi Chuan Ry in Helsinki - a pity it's only in Finnsh, but nice pictures & links
T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Athens - a student of Master Tung in Athens, Greece
The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain- articles and links
T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Malaysia and Singapore - yes, that's what it says and that's what it is (slow!)
British Council for Chinese Martial Arts - lots of interesting stuff
CasIberia - weapons for t'ai chi ch'uan & other martial arts
Gavelin Swords - more weapons for t'ai chi ch'uan & other martial arts - in Sweden
SwordsDirect - swords and blades by Paul Chen
The Martial Way - Quick & easy directory of martial arts (ever heard about Gatka?)
Taichido - Lots of interesting stuff, some of it somewhat creative?
Videos & music - Videos & music, not our form, but interesting
Tai Chi Magazine - American magazine
SYSTEMA UK Website - practical applications, check it out!
Shaolin Gung Fu Institute - a lot of interesting material, lots to read but SLOW!
GLIMA - wrestling of the Vikings, in Danish and English 
Essence of the Spirit - an offshoot from our association in Southern Norway

Taoism, Buddhism, Philosophy etc (Haakon started this!).

The daily Tao - sometihing to ponder every day...
Tao Te Ching adapted by Ron Hogan - Tao Te Ching in a more modern(!) style...
Tai Chi & Taoism - with appropriate quotes for Tao Te Ching
About the Tao - even a Tao screen saver!
Journal of Buddhist Ethics - serious stuff!
I-Kuan Tao Teachings: On the Tao - nice page!
The Dharma Ring - lot of sites! (strange mix of topics, though....)
and then there is CSICOP / Skeptical Briefs / March 1995 / Paranormal in China

Not something completely different (maybe)?

The Silk Orchestra Music for Tai Chi - with Real Audio clips…
HAIKU for PEOPLE! - Haiku poetry and links
Chinascape - even more things Chinese, very slow
Chinese Character Dictionary - nice page
Chinese Characters and Culture - interesting page about Chinese language
FTP Archive on Chinese Traditional Music - yes, just that
Online Chinese tools - learn the language, write your name, learn characters, etc.
Get a Chinese name - try it! 
The Good Orient - Chinese clothing and accessories
Asian Ideas - ditto

A few Norwegian only links
Visdomsord og ordtak fra mange land - in Norwegian only 
T'ai chi ch'uan og qigong på DoktorOnline - in Norwegian only 
Buddhistforbundet - the Norwegian Buddhist Society, in Norwegian only 
TRAFO - where we hold our training sessions, in Norwegian only

And finally; do the good deed of the day:
The Hunger Site Home - Donate food for free to feed hungry people in the world

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